Why you should think about making a reflective film on windows

Reflective film on window sample

Escape from the bright sun is sometimes quite difficult. Ultraviolet rays penetrating the room through the windows can harm not only the furniture, but also the person. Reflective film on the windows is a real salvation from the sun. In addition, it is used in both summer and winter, because its properties are not limited to protection from the scorching sun. It is excellent for heat and noise insulation, which allows solving several problems simultaneously.

Characteristics of the material

This product is becoming more popular among consumers, because it is a fairly budgetary, but effective means. It is made of metallized polyethylene terephthalate using sputtering, which implements the function of reflecting microwave radiation. First of all, the protective film on the windows is designed to prevent the heating of buildings and premises from sunlight penetrating through the windows. In addition, it does not let in dangerous ultra-violet rays, holding up about 99% of them. Thus, you save furniture and other interior items from fading and will be able to maintain a normal temperature in the room without using an air conditioner.

Reflective film on windows

The greatest advantage is the one-sided visibility of the glasses after gluing the film onto the windows. This means you will see, as before, everything that happens on the street, and passers-by will see only the mirror surface of your windows. This is especially true for residents of the first floors and the owners of stained glass windows. Thus, you will feel comfortable and comfortable in your home, without worrying that someone will bother to look in your house.

The film on the windows from the sun is several times cheaper than toning, which is its alternative. But the savings do not end there. The fact is that it has heat-reflecting qualities, and this in turn will allow to spend less electricity. In the summer, the film reflects heat, keeping cool in the room, and in winter - on the contrary, will not let it out.

Material properties

Often excessive sunlight interferes with normal pastime. Watching TV, working at a computer, and resting becomes just unbearable when the screen flickers or a blinding light hits your eyes. All these problems are solved with the help of reflective material. It is worth noting that the degree of darkening of the cover and its color you choose, so that you have the opportunity to take into account all the features of the room and to translate all of your ideas into reality.

Reflective film for windows

The film is glued to the windows for the purpose of changing the transmission, absorbing and reflex properties of the glass, so remember that it is the quality and characteristics that determine the result. Interestingly, it also helps to protect the room: if the glass is damaged, it will not break into small pieces, but remain on the sticky surface. Thus, you and your family do not risk getting any injuries or cuts.

Reflective film on windows example

It's no secret that air conditioners often cause colds in children and adults. Therefore, if the house has a child, the film will be a worthy replacement for an unsafe device.

Technology of gluing

You can install the cover yourself, for this you will not need any special skills. The main thing is to do everything neatly and follow the following recommendations:

  • Before starting the procedure, carefully wash and clean the glass from all kinds of dirt, there should not even be a speck of dust on the glass, so use detergents or a window scraper.
  • Soak the cleaned window with soapy water and gently cut the film. For this, using a tape measure, remove the measurements from the window frame. To open the film help a sharp blade or paint knife.
  • the coating is applied only on a wet surface. Begin at the top corners, slowly move forward and smooth the folds with a plastic spatula.
  • A mirror film on windows should completely correspond to features of an arrangement of your apartment, therefore consider all nuances. For example, for apartments whose windows are on the sunny side, you should buy the most dense film.

Reflective film on dignity windows

Summing up: the pros and cons

Surprisingly, in order to find fault with this material, you have to think hard. Ultimately, all its negative qualities are reduced only to the fact that in a rainy and cloudy weather, there will be very little light in the room. The film can not be pushed aside or slightly opened, but the lack of light can easily be eliminated with artificial lighting.

Reflective film for window stickers

But the benefits are much greater. These include:

  • low cost;
  • Availability in shops and supermarkets;
  • simplicity of installation and operation;
  • high quality;
  • good protective indicators;
  • durability;
  • practicality.

In addition to the above pluses, it should be said about its aesthetics: the decorative film on the windows, in addition to its main functions, will add zest to your interior and will be pleased every day with a beautiful color or unusual pattern.

Reflective film on windows in the office