Why do I need a self-adhesive reflective film?

Film on windows

Who does not love summer, the warmth of the sun and the singing of birds? Of course, everyone likes this season of the year. Nevertheless, in some cases, such bright sun rays can cause great discomfort and even cause bad health. The sun, breaking through the windows, can overheat the room, make it hot and stuffy. What can be done in this case, how to protect your house from solar overheating? In fact, there is a way out, at the same time simple enough and known to many - a light-reflecting film on windows. This type of film can be glued not only to the windows of apartments, but also to machines, as well as to other transparent surfaces. Reflective film, self-adhesive, it will be discussed later.

Application in a high-rise building

Reflective film: what is it, what is needed

In appearance it seems fragile, however, such a film can withstand sharp changes in the temperature regime and serve more than one season. In general, you can do without such a film, for example, when installing windows order a special coating that will reflect the sun's rays. However, we note that this service is not cheap and at a price can reach almost half the cost of the window itself. Therefore, the reflective film is more acceptable, it is inexpensive and with the desire to remove it easily, without damaging the surface of the glass. Thus, many buyers note the practicality of the film and prefer to use it annually.

Film gluing

What are the advantages of this product?

First of all, the advantages of the film include its availability. For today it is the only minimally costly way to protect yourself at home from scorching sun rays. But this is not all the merits of such an invention.

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Photo film inside

Probably, every owner knows that the sun's rays get on various surfaces, such as wallpaper, painted walls and even clothes that can discolor them. The surface becomes burnt, loses its aesthetics, attractive appearance and even functionality. The film will become a true protector of your furniture and walls. In addition, such a film can even save on electricity. After all, you do not have to hold the air conditioner for days in the switched-on mode. The film prevents overheating of the room during the day, therefore, being in the room, you will not feel hot and stuffy.

Especially the use of film is felt in large offices. It was noted that if there was a film on the windows, the working capacity of people increased. This was due to the lack of bright sunlight, which caused discomfort and a rise in temperature in the office. As a result, the person felt vivacity and calm, nothing distracted him.

It is worth noting and the safety of using such an accessory. If the glass is damaged, for example, if its surface is destroyed, the fragments remain on the film, protecting them from cuts and damages.

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Colors of the film

Also, the film is an excellent alternative for those who do not like curtains. Its dense structure protects you from other people's eyes, which will allow you to do business at home and not think that someone sees you. Especially it will be interesting for people living on the first floors of apartment buildings.

What is the cost of this accessory

A little bit earlier it was said that this kind of subject has a budget value. Of course, the final price will depend on the manufacturer's firm, the density of the film and its size. On average, you can buy this option for sun protection for 100-150 rubles. Agree, this is a fairly low price, given that such a film can be used at any time of the year and more than one season in a row.

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Color film

How to use a reflective film

This type of film is very simple. Remove the packaging, gently unfold and cut off the desired piece. The film has self-adhesive edges that need to be released and applied to the glass as tightly as possible.

In the case where you purchased the simplest version of the film, you will need to additionally prepare a soap solution, since such a product does not have self-adhesive edges. Take a little liquid soap and dissolve it in a small amount of warm water, you can take from the calculation of 1 tbsp. l. soap for 500 ml of water. Then use a coat to apply a soap solution on the glass and attach the film as soon as possible. This manipulation will be similar to something on the pasting of wallpaper. Make sure that no bubbles or cracks form on the film. Cracks in the form of cracks can not be removed, but the bubbles can easily be eliminated by making a puncture with a needle and squeezing the air out of them.

The moment of gluing

This film is also removed quite simply, especially if the product was originally with self-adhesive sides. If we talk about a more inexpensive option, where you had to use a soapy solution, then when you remove it you may need a spray for windows based on alcohol.

We hope that the article helped to understand and understand what a light-reflecting, self-adhesive film is. If you decide to purchase it, then be sure to consider the size of your window or the surface on which you plan to glue it. Even with an air conditioner, do not be too lazy to use a similar product. The film will give a feeling of coolness, protect from the effects of ultraviolet light, create coziness.