Projects of houses from round logs 2018

House made of round logs

Houses made of round logs come into vogue against the background of a general tendency to increase the demand for environmentally friendly materials. Especially popular are baths from round logs, because the tree has always been a traditional material for buildings of this purpose. Natural wood does not exude harmful substances during heating, so the health of your loved ones will not be threatened. In addition, this material has excellent characteristics and affordable value, and also has a remarkable appearance.

Houses made of round logs, projects and prices for them are much more profitable than alternative options, since this raw material does not require special handling skills. Moreover, economy is also observed in the consumption of the material used.

Building a house from round logs

Houses made of round logs have become fashionable some time ago thanks to the multitude of excellent properties that such wood can boast of. A large number of projects of similar houses can be found on any construction portal dedicated to the topic of construction of buildings. Such popularity is explained simply because raw materials have a number of advantages. So, we suggest to consider some of them.

Round logs
Round logs are treated logs on special equipment, in the form of a cylinder, having the same diameter
Diameters of round logs
The round log varies in diameter

The advantages of this construction option are:

  • saving time and money;
  • ease of handling of the material;
  • external aesthetics of natural wood;
  • the ability to use any finishes;
  • environmental safety of the material;
  • the ability of a natural log to thermoregulation;
  • material resistance to many negative external factors;
  • the possibility of building in complex areas.
Thermal conductivity of a log
Thermal conductivity of a log in comparison with a brick and concrete
House of logs
The log house is ecologically clean and perfectly suited for family life
Interior of the house from logs
Log walls of the log house look aesthetic even without finishing

Cottage buildings of country type and baths from round logs are in great demand. The latest developments in the field of low-rise construction have made it possible to improve the technology of erecting a log frame taking into account destructive factors. Thus, the use of insulating and facing materials makes it possible to significantly extend the life of the building. In addition, modern wood processing mixtures can protect it from the harmful effects of moisture, insects and other destructive factors. It's no secret that natural materials are quite sensitive to the effects of the environment. By spending a certain amount for the purchase of protective substances and coating the log, you can improve its characteristics, significantly extend the period of service, and facilitate care.

Shrinkage of logs
Please note that the house of rounded logs shrinks
Protective impregnation of logs
In order for the log to last longer, it is necessary to prescribe it with protective compounds

The erection of buildings from round logs is possible in areas subject to seismic activity. In areas of large concentrations of water, where brickwork or a concrete slab will simply be unstable, the use of such material will allow the building to be delivered without much effort. As you can see, there are more than enough advantages, so it is not surprising that such a log has long deserved the love of many builders. If you are looking for an inexpensive and high-quality solution for erecting a building, then this option can be safely called the optimal one.

Principle of material application

The rounded log is made from a beam of certain wood species that has undergone special treatment. In addition to mechanical cleaning of the surface, it is leveled. These methods allow to achieve approximately the same diameter of each log, which makes them an excellent raw material for building houses, baths and other structures.

The construction of round logs is carried out in accordance with the generally accepted principles of erecting wooden structures. The main task in this case is a competent floor plan for calculating the voltage and stability of the structure. To begin with, we recommend that you create an accurate drawing and carefully think through each step so that you do not have unanticipated problems and difficulties during the work. If you are new to this business, you should enlist the help of professionals.

House drawing from logs
If you want to draw up an individual house drawing, you can order it in special architectural offices

New projects of buildings from round logs in 2018, two main areas: decorative summer structures and housing for year-round living. The main difference lies in the foundation material: the construction can be erected on a concrete-brick cushion or on stilts.

Concrete-brick foundation
For light structures, small baths or gazebos, it is possible to erect a concrete-brick foundation

For a residential structure that will be subjected to constant loads, a project is created on a concrete-brick cushion. A solid foundation raises the structure to a certain height above ground level. The resulting space can be used to equip a residential basement or an underground garage.

Baths and cottages are mainly installed on piles. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of the project. In addition, this option has advantages in speed of erection. The choice in favor of the installation on the pile does not affect the stability of the structure at all. In addition, such a job will be able to do even a beginner in the construction industry. The main thing is to stock up with the necessary materials and tools, carefully follow the instructions and recommendations of professional masters.

Pile foundation
For cottages and a walking ground it is better to use a pile foundation

Features of construction from round logs

Naturally, as in any other case, when building various types of structures, many nuances should be considered. For many people, one of the decisive factors in favor of one or another method of construction is its cost. Prices for saunas from round logs are composed of costs for:

  • Construction Materials;
  • Decoration Materials;
  • insulating materials;
  • internal work;
  • the rental of equipment or the hiring of workers' brigades.

The cost of erecting other types of buildings is calculated according to the same scheme. The main condition for working with rounded wood is the presence of clear calculations of load-bearing structures, since the entire stability of the structure directly depends on a thoughtful project, which takes into account all operational requirements.

The log is delivered in the already processed and ready for construction form. After the construction of the log house, internal insulation works begin. As the tree can deteriorate due to sudden temperature changes and high humidity, this stage of construction is given special attention. All coatings are treated with a special foam material, the slots are punctured - thus eliminating the possibility of damage to the log.

Thermal imaging examination of a log house
Heat losses occur through gaps between logs and at joints
To reduce heat losses, the house is rounded out of round logs, the seams are closed

Keep in mind! Carrying out these works is a prerequisite for the long-term operation of a house or a bath, so do not save on mixtures for processing.

An equally important stage in the implementation of the project is the introduction of communications. Since their location must comply with fire safety rules and will be taken into account when putting the house into operation, it is necessary to lay pipes in full compliance with the plan. In addition, special attention should be given to their isolation.

Designing a communication project at home
Drafting communications at home is also worth registering during the construction phase

Summer cottage from round logs

A cottage made of round logs pleases the eye with its unconstrained decorativeness. This is a very attractive option for living in the summer. Since all the furnishings are made from logs, such houses are simply saturated with the atmosphere of patriarchal coziness. In addition, this solution will certainly be to the liking of lovers of environmentally friendly, natural materials. Such houses look beautiful and cozy, so they can decorate any dacha site.

The most popular projects are:

  • two-story buildings;
  • single-storey houses with an attic;
  • designs with two turrets;
  • Finnish houses;
  • houses with a wide veranda.
Summer log house
A small house made of logs is an excellent option for giving

Various finishes allow the dwelling to provide maximum comfort. Due to the availability of the material, it is not difficult to achieve the set goal. As elements of additional decor can be used:

  • carved platbands;
  • stakes;
  • shaped columns;
  • openwork window openings;
  • protruding parts of the roof;
  • balconies;
  • stairs;
  • decorative extensions.
Decoration of a house from a log
With the help of carved elements of decorating the house from logs, you can build a real fairy-tale estate

After additional external treatment of the walls, you can not worry at all about preserving the presentable appearance of the building. Paintwork materials, incrustation with bituminous joints and metal-plastic panels can significantly prolong the life of the structure. The most interesting is that you yourself design the future dwelling, give it the desired look and decorate to your own taste.

Thus, you get an amazing opportunity to try yourself in the role of architect, interior designer and even builder. Do not miss the chance to show your individuality and realize all your ideas.

Arbor from logs
With the help of rounded logs it is possible to build an arbor very simply and quickly

Round logs are also good because if you want, you can easily complete any part of the structure, for example, a summer kitchen or a refined veranda. The main reason for making such changes is the desire to achieve a balance of all elements of the structure.

add to the house of logs
To the house from a log it is always possible to make an annex

Bath from round logs

Every true connoisseur of health-improving water procedures dreams of getting into a good wooden bath. A sauna made of round logs, the cost of which is very democratic, is able to realize this dream. The advantage of this design is its fast installation, reliability and environmental friendliness of the materials used.

Bath from round logs
Round logs - the most popular material for building a bath

You can order a bath project on any site dedicated to the construction of wood. So that you do not have to puzzle over what finishing materials to choose, all necessary calculations will be made by specialists.

Baths made of round logs have the following qualities:

  • low thermal conductivity of the material;
  • security;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • durability.

All materials and components necessary for construction of a bath can be ordered through the Internet. At the same time, the cost of delivery will not significantly affect the entire budget of the project. Installed on piles or brick posts, buildings from rounded logs are not afraid of floods, earthquakes, subsidence of soil.

Project of a bath from a log
Project of a bath from a log

To build your own steam room does not require a large piece of land. This is another important advantage. In addition, the design of permits for the construction of houses near the house, to which the baths belong, traditionally takes less time than the authorization to build a house.

Home for permanent residence: project options

House of logs
The log house is perfect for winter living

The variety of projects from round logs amazes imagination. Any of them deserves a separate description. In addition to the decorative appearance of these structures, there is one other important advantage: the material used allows you to quickly make adjustments, and if you want to expand the original area.

House for living from round logs
House made of logs can be made of any size

The most important aspect in the planning of premises is the accounting of their designated purpose. The first floor project should include:

  • kitchen facilities;
  • spacious halls;
  • business rooms;
  • workshops;
  • verandas;
  • Sport halls;
  • living rooms;
  • terraces.

Note! Any of these rooms is constantly subjected to high loads, but due to a stable location on the foundation, the pressure exerted is distributed evenly. The basic load-bearing structures do not require additional costs to increase strength.

Project of house from logs
Appointment of premises in the house is better planned at the project stage

On the second floor it is recommended to place:

  • children's rooms;
  • guest rooms;
  • sleeping rooms;
  • bathrooms;
  • personal cabinets;
  • verandas.

As the view from the window will be an additional retribution for the works invested in the construction of the house, large window openings will allow to turn any room of the second floor into an excellent place for rest.

Cost of materials, cost part

Advantage of the house from rounded logs is the low cost of the project, due to the fact that costs for component components are almost completely eliminated. Walls are quickly erected from logs, partitions are made of plasterboard. Additional consumption of sawn timber requires only load-bearing internal structures.

Plasterboard partition
Structure of the plasterboard partition

The associated costs are for the purchase of insulation material, various foams. The most expensive part remains the foundation of the structure, but its price is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of the foundation for a house made of slabs, since the construction itself is much easier.

The price of a bath from logs is about 105 thousand rubles per square meter. House area of ​​8X8 meters in two floors will cost an average of 680 thousand rubles per square meter. The remaining rates can vary depending on the customer's requirements for the construction of the house.

Summing up

If you wish to build the house of your dreams with your own hands, modern designs of houses made of rounded logs will help you to realize all your ideas. This material is strong, environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful. In addition, you can at any time be able to make adjustments in the design, expand the area or slightly modify the structure. Even a beginner can cope with work. The main thing is to follow the developed plan and choose the right building materials. Good luck!