3d-tiles – three-dimensional patterns in the interior

Orchids 3d

Today, in the building materials market, 3D tiles are becoming increasingly popular. This modern and exclusive material can be used for interior decoration of almost any premises. Such a coating looks great on the walls and their elements, columns, acres, fireplaces, in addition, with its help the facades are excellently finished. Especially these dynamic and voluminous solutions are suitable for people who prefer new technologies.
Various images of 3D format placed on the ceiling, walls or on the floor can please us with a marvelous imitation of celestial blue, field infinity or sunlight, and 3d tiling in the bathroom will provide the owner with a sense of being in the ocean depths.

Bathroom 3d

In addition, an unusual texture coating allows you to mask unevenness on the walls and ceiling, hide unsightly communications and hide from your eyes much more. The main quality, attracting to this kind of design of premises, is the provision of a completely new perception of space. This gives us the right to confidently assert that the use of textured 3D tiles is a revolutionary solution that has provided new opportunities in the design of classical or innovative interiors.

What is 3d tile

This innovative finishing material with 3D graphics effect is based on microlens technology, which is manifested with a unique combination of a tiled material with a carbon film. It is this combination that makes it possible to achieve the formation of a 3D image effect. The resulting surface is very durable and has some elasticity. In addition, there is a certain liquid substance inside it. Liquid component includes a set of dyes, which can be both multicolored and monophonic.

Structurally 3d tile consists of several layers of polycarbonate material:

  • basic;
  • depreciation;
  • reflective;
  • a super-transparent plastic "lens";
  • shock-resistant wear-resistant layer.

Liquid component in the form of a gel compound located inside the protective layers.
It should be noted that several super-strong additional layers and a special protective compound make it possible to successfully resist dirt and high enough loads. In this case, production is usually completed by carrying out a test test of each unit for strength, in which a square meter of the surface experiences a pressure of about 500 kilograms.

3d wall

Inside such a tile, a colored gel filler moves, which tends to the area with the least pressure (compensation method). Even a slight depression leads to an extremely attractive effect due to the appearance of an illusion of three-dimensionality. However, at the moment of even relatively strong pressing of 3d, the tile does not collapse, there are no ruptures and cracks on its surface, which means that there is no leakage of the liquid component. Complete tightness ensures the use of materials with very high strength.

Bathroom wall 3d

Correctly laid 3d tile can form raster images, abstract spots or regular geometric shapes. At the same time, special technology and design features allow you to admire the pattern from any viewing angle. "Living cover" can not only cover the entire floor or walls, but also form partial inserts in the surfaces trimmed with conventional ceramics.

Advantages and disadvantages of the material

Variants of decor, which can revive 3D tiles, a great many, however, great aesthetics is not the only quality of this three-dimensional material. The main performance characteristics of this tile, which stand out for the better, are:

  1. The highest resistance to various mechanical damages. The surface of a bulk tile can not be scratched, and it itself is capable of withstanding very high loads (at least 200 kilograms per square centimeter).
  2. Long service life. According to experts, 3d tiles are able to last at least 30 years.
  3. High resistance to chemical attack of various aggressive environments.
  4.  Hygienic and hypoallergenic. On the tile, it is absolutely impossible to develop fungi and other microorganisms.
  5. Allergy sufferers can use this material completely without fear.
  6. Providing excellent waterproofing.
  7. The surface of the tile has anti-slip properties. In addition, there is a depreciation effect, when moving through such a tile, there appears to be a soft coating.
  8. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation results in fading of the coating not earlier than in 5-8 years.

Volumetric floor

In addition, bulk tiles are very versatile and can be used for the design of any surface of premises for different purposes. At the same time, tiles are offered for sale with a huge selection of colors, ensuring its fit into any interiors.

However, as, probably, and any other material, volumetric tile has some disadvantages, limiting its use. However, such shortcomings are not enough, they can be attributed to the possibility of using it exclusively for internal works. Some inconvenience is caused also by impossibility of mechanical change of a configuration of tiles, so, they can not be cut or bent. Well and certain restrictions imposes the requirement to leave free about seventy percent of the surface at a uniform high load.

Tiles with seashells

And of course, there are some requirements for installation. They are quite simple, but they require strict execution. The bulk coating can be successfully mounted only on a solid, dry, smooth and perfectly smooth base. In principle, nothing complicated.